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T-Mobile Sidekick Review

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The all new T-Mobile Sidekick is yet another addition to T-Mobile's incredibly fun line of text messaging mobile phones. This new addition to the family keeps a wealth of features that is a staple to all T-mobile cellular phones. In fact, it has a QWERTY keyboard that is revealed through the horizontally swiveling screen.

T-Mobile sidekick also includes a 2 Megapixel digital camera and a very high screen resolution of 400 x 240 pixels. Another good thing is that this Sidekick is quad-band enabled. T-Mobile Sidekick incorporates almost all features included in the previous T-Mobile models.

This makes it an all around cell phone that is easy to carry around, very functional, sleek looking, and easy to use. T-Mobile Sidekick provides a fusion of both functionality and visual appeal, making this mobile phone everyone's sidekick in his or her daily life.

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T-Mobile Sidekick features

*Capture every moment with crystal clear images from the 2.0 megapixel digital camera that features LED flash and self-portrait.
*Listen to your favorite music using the MP3 player, which also supports MP3, AAC, and WMA formats.
*Type in a text message using a QWERTY keyboard with an automatic backlight.
*Go wireless with Bluetooth technology. This includes the use of a headset and object push profiles
*Synchronize your to-do list, contact list, and calendar entries using PC synchronization.

Other T-mobile Sidekick features:

*View clear images with its 2.6" LCD, 400 x 240 pixel color display. This high resolution display makes use of up to 65,000 colors.
*Talk using the speakerphone as a hands-free option.
*Organize your day-to-day activities using the to-do list that allows you to store up to 50 entries.
*Remind yourself of important occasions using the alarm for calendar events.
*Save up to 2,000 contacts with its large phonebook capacity.
*Store up to 1,000 entries through its built-in calendar.

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T-Mobile Sidekick Black
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T-Mobile Sidekick personalized features:

*Enjoy listening to polyphonic ringtones (64 chords).
*Customize using ringer profiles with Real-Music ringers.
*See how your contacts look like with the picture caller ID feature, soon you will never forget who's calling ever again.
*Stay away from boredom and entertain yourself with mobile games such as Rock and Rocket pre-loaded. Downloadable mobile games are available as well.
*Customize the mobile phone further with downloadable graphics and customizable faceplates for a more personalized effect.

T-Mobile Sidekick messaging:

*Send and receive pictures through multimedia messaging.
*Send unlimited text messages to your contacts with a T-Mobile Sidekick feature plan.
*Use the email client supported by POP3, IMAP, SSL and APOP. Up to 8 accounts can be created, compatible with both MS Outlook and Exchange.
*Surf the Internet using mobile web browsing (full HTML).
*Chat with friends and family using the built-in instant messenger (includes Yahoo, AOL, and MSN).

T-Mobile Sidekick specs:

*Uses the Sidekick Hiptop operating system
*Uses the J2ME Java application platform
*Has a built-in memory of 64 MB
*Has a non-standard style
*Has dimensions of 4.7 in x 2.3 in x 0.7 inches and weight of 4.8 oz
*Compatible with microSD card for expandable memory
*Has a network capability of GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900
*Has an EDGE data download speed
* Uses a Li ion battery type with up to 300 minutes of talk time and a standby time of up to 96 hours.

T-Mobile Sidekick compatibility

*T-Mobile Sidekick supports voice plans, Sidekick plans, and T-mobile myFaves plans. T-Mobile Sidekick is available for purchase even without a service plan.

What's included in the T-mobile Sidekick package:

*T-Mobile Sidekick mobile handset.
* T-Mobile Sidekick Li ion battery
*T-Mobile Sidekick mobile phone charger
*Mini USB cable
*Stereo headset
*Changeable shells (two)
*512MB MicroSD memory card

Get a T-Mobile Sidekick Black from T-Mobile!