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Palm Centro Pink Review

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The Palm Centro Pink is a whimsical take on the stylish and functional Centro series of Palm. Its pearlescent exteriors may exude cuteness and attitude, but beneath all that tasteful glitter is a power-packed device that facilitates almost all known modes of communication essential to anyone on the go.

Messaging features
The Palm Centro Pink makes it possible for users to stay connected to others.

*It has the basic text messaging or SMS capabilities that makes communicating without making calls possible and easy.
*The Palm Centro Pink takes SMS to greater levels through multimedia messaging such as adding graphics and sounds to your basic text messages
*Chat up a friend or a colleague even while you're on vacation. With AIM, AOL or Yahoo!, instant messaging is possible with the Palm Centro Pink
*Send, browse, and receive emails from clients or business contacts without having to sign in to your computer. Downloading, editing and attaching documents to emails can also be done in a jiffy when using the Palm Centro Pink.

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Web browsing anywhere, anytime
For people who just can't get away from the Internet and all its wonders, The Palm Centro Pink allows you to get online from wherever you are, whenever you need to.

*Search for movie schedules and other information through HTML Web Browsing.
*Facebook and Multiply sites can be updated from the Palm Centro Pink as you can upload pictures and receive updates.
*Never be lost again with the Palm Centro Pink's GPS Services Support and get turn-by-turn audible driving directions and access to Google Maps.
*With a touch screen feature, navigating web pages are easy.


*The Palm Centro Pink's Bluetooth wireless technology allows it to connect with compatible accessories such as headsets and other devices without dealing with wires.
*The QWERTY keyboard typical of smartphones is backlit and fitted into the Palm Centro Pink's body for easier access and mobility.
*The Palm Centro Pink is also data capable and can be connected to your PC via USB wire, Bluetooth, or Infrared.

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Palm Centro Pink
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Multi-media package
The Palm Centro Pink is a veritable multimedia tool that packs the following features:

*A 1.3 megapixel digital camera with up to 2x digital zoom lets users capture movement and freeze moments.
*Multimedia streaming is supported by the Palm Centro Pink, enabling users to watch TV shows as they happen.
*The Palm Centro Pink is also powered by PocketTunes, so you can bring along your favorite songs of the moment wherever you go.
*Polyphonic and MP3 files are also supported and can be set as ringtones.
*With Picture Caller and Video ID, you can tell who's calling without picking up just yet.
*Games and graphics are displayed in rich detail in the Palm Centro Pink's color main display of 320 x 320 pixel resolution
*Audio, video, and other files are stored in its built in 60 MB memory, which can be expanded up to 4GB via microSD cards.

Other features
The Palm Centro Pink also fits in a lot of other attributes that make it a pretty package to consider:

*To Do lists and reminders can be recorded via the Voice Memo
*The Palm Centro Pink houses alarm, calculator and calendar functions.
*Its phonebook capacity can store multiple numbers per contact as well as email addresses, IM, and Web addresses.
*The Palm Centro Pink is also M3 hearing aid compatible, enabling those with hearing deficiencies to use it as well.
*Running on a lithium-ion battery keeps the phone powered up to 180 minutes for talk time and up to 250 minutes for standby.
*The Palm Centro Pink uses Palm OS 5.4.9 With Qualcomm MSM6500 Chipset and has a data download speed of up to 700kbps
*It has 3G Data capabilities that are not network dependent.
*The Palm Centro Pink weighs 4.2 oz and has dimensions of 4.2 in x 2.1 in x 0.7, fitting all the amenities and so much more in the palm of your hand.

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