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Motorola i850 Cellphone Review

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With its sleek metallic lines and compact design, Motorola i850 remains a popular choice among professionals who lead busy lifestyles. Aside from push-to-talk features, the Motorola i850 also has MOTOTalk, the company's off-network digital walkie-talkie feature. This feature appeals especially to those who do not have the time to send messages nor key in contact numbers on their mobile phone. The good news is that MOTOTalk feature works even in off-network areas. This simply means that the walkie-talkie feature can be used even in areas where there is no network coverage.

Motorola i850 dons an external antenna that makes it easier to get the coverage range needed for the MOTOTalk feature. The phone currently comes in metallic silver color and is usually bundled with charger, headset, and manual upon purchase. Motorola i850 uses a Lithium Ion battery that has a standby time of up to approximately 70 hours and continuous usage time of 245 minutes. This may still vary, however, depending on the applications used and length of time in using the mobile phone. Listed below are essential information on Motorola i850 for those who plan on getting one:

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Main phone features

*Internal display of TFT Color LCD with a resolution of 176 x 220 pixels that displays over 65,000 Colors
*External display featuring Monochrome blue LCD with a resolution of 96 x 32 pixels
*Speakerphone options for hands-free access
*Conference calling (allows users to talk to two or more contacts at the same time)
*Push-to-Talk, Plus Group Connect, and Push-to-Send My Contacts or My Info
Hands-Free Dialing
*Advance Speech Recognition feature (enables users to make calls without manual dialing)
*Organizer / Productivity features like Voice Memo, Calculator, Calendar, etc.
*Vibrate mode (allows users to get discreet call and message alerts especially during meetings, conferences, etc.)
*Phonebook capacity of up to 600 contact entries
*Call waiting and call transfer (Note: Activate the call transfer and call waiting features so you'll never have to miss important calls. The call transfer feature reroutes calls to a different number in case the mobile number is out of reach.)
*Quickstore phonebook feature (allows easier and faster access to storing data on the phonebook)
*Multiple data per name with up to seven numbers and one e-mail address per phonebook entry

Multimedia and connectivity features

*Digital camera (VGA-quality with a maximum resolution of 640 x 480 pixels)
*GPS Services Support (has a pre-loaded Telenav 2.3 to provide users with driving directions)
*Data Capable / Modem (Note: Motorola i850 can also be used as a modem, but requires specific software installation)
*Mini USB port
*PC Synchronization (Update your phone's files by synchronizing it with your desktop PC's applications. The PC Sync feature requires installation of specific software, which is sold separately.)
*Downloadable audio content
*Wireless modem

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Internet and messaging features

*Mobile Web Browsing (has a built in Openwave 7.02 Browser)
*Multimedia Messaging (Spruce up text messages by including pictures and sound clips via MMS.)
*Text Messaging (SMS) with Predictive Text Entry (T9)

Personalization and fun features

*Pre-loaded and downloadable polyphonic ringtones
*Supports downloadable MP3 ringtones
*Ringer profiles (allows users to create call and message alert profile settings)
*Picture caller ID (flashes contacts' pictures when they call)
*Multiple Languages (supports English, French, Spanish, Portuguese)
*Downloadable Motorola i850-specified games
*Pre-loaded and downloadable wallpapers
*Flight mode (fixes the Motorola i850's settings to comply with flight specifications)
*Downloadable and customizable graphics

Technical specifications

*uses the Java application platform
*features network compatibility (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN) 800)
*supports various ringtone types such as MIDI, WAV, MP3
*has a size dimension of 3.46 in x 1.85 in x 1.14 in
*weighs 4.32 oz

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