BlackBerry Storm Review

blackberry storm

Research in Motion (RIM) is releasing the latest BlackBerry that is sure to compete with Apple's iPhone. RIM has been known to dominate the cell phone market with sophisticated cells that provide not only telephone communication, but also email. The business-savvy BlackBerry Storm will not disappoint offering the latest features and a polished look. The BlackBerry Storm will be the world's first clickable touch screen smartphone and has standard headphone jacks, numerous email options, unique touch screen, stereo Bluetooth and video recording. Rated as 5.5 hour talk time, you can hear callers easily and have little trouble finding numbers in the address book. The battery life is 15 days. Another convenient aspect is the visual voice mail feature where you are able to view all voice messages as well as choose to listen to whichever one you please.

Videos and photos are highly defined when shown on screen. The Storm offers a 3.2 megapixel camera and 1 GB of memory as well as 8 GB microSD card to store all your multimedia. The Storm is able to take videos in two different resolutions, allowing you to easily send clips in messages. When listening to music that you can download, you are able to view album art at the same time. Furthermore, you can choose a multitude of accessories to spice up the exclusive phone including a Desktop Charging Pod and Premium Stereo Headset with Media Controls. Add your own personal touch with colorful hard plastic shells as well as a holster for protection. There are also fashionable pouches, wristlets and sleeves for extra protection.

Nevertheless, despite the awesome features and accessories, comparisons between the BlackBerry Storm and iPhone are inevitable as they both boast impressive characteristics and possess the latest in high-end technology. Criticism is already upon the BlackBerry regarding several features. The Storm boasts GPS however its lack of Wi-Fi capabilities doesn't permit users to go online unless through the carrier's data network. The 8.25cm touch screen phone is slightly slow if processing one too many requests and it's easy to accidentally zoom in one icon, activate another or click an adjacent link.

Overall the BlackBerry Storm is a high quality phone offering many devices in one. Not only does it look sophisticated and slick, it is a convenient tool that is appropriate for one's busy lifestyle.