BlackBerry 8820 Review

Internet connectivity is now within your reach – anytime and anywhere! If you’re a professional who’s always on the go yet badly needs to check emails from time to time, a music lover who wants to download and playback MP3s, or simply can’t get enough of the Internet, then its time to meet the Cingular BlackBerry 8820 phone from AT&T! Who knows, this device just might be the perfect gadget to suit your needs. If you need reliable, mobile Internet connection, you can now have it through the BlackkBerry 8820.

BlackBerry 8820 advanced features

Blackberry 8820 is the latest edition from the BlackBerry cellphone line. Boasting of unique and advanced features such as the BlackBerry maps application, GPS Service Support, Bluetooth Wireless Technology, Email attachment viewing (MS Office applications such as MS Word, MS Poweroint, MS Excel), MP3 player, and a whole lot more, you simply can’t go wrong with a BlackBerry 8820. The BlackBerry 8820 can also be used as a modem. PC synchronization (for your address book, calendar, and email) is also possible.

Probably the most impressive feature of this BlackBerry is its sleek and stylish QWERTY keyboard that comes with backlight. It’s as good as bringing along a reliable laptop-- the only difference is that it’s just 0.6 inches thick.

BlackBerry 8820 messaging features

If you’re particular about messaging features, here’s what you need to know about the BlackBerry 8820:

*You can browse the web via full HTML web browsing. There’s also One-touch Access, Bookmarks and BlackBerry Maps Support. You can open your Word, Powerpoint and Excel files and attach them to your emails.

*You can send text messages (SMS) and multimedia messages. Group messaging is also possible.

*You can choose between built-in instant Messenger or the Pre loaded BlackBerry Messenger for your real-time communication and chatting needs.

*You can have up to 10 email accounts, not to mention Business-secure, POP3, IMAP, SMTP features.

*For the fun part, you can personalize the BlackBerry 8820 cellphone. Fill it in with your photos and download as much music or games and other applications the memory can accommodate. You can download the following supported formats:

-polyphonic ring tones, MP3 ring tones, and MP3 Real Music ring tones

-ringer profiles

-Java applications and games

-customizable graphics

BlackBerry 8820 technical specs

The BlackBerry 8820 is not only fun, but also reliable. In terms of battery life, talk time can last up to 300 minutes while standby time is up to 576 hours. This BlackBerry uses Li Ion types of battery. BlackBerry 8820 weighs only 4.7 oz with a size dimension of 4.5 inches by 2.6 inches by 0.6 inches.

For optimal and hassle-free use, it pays to know the specifications of the BlackBerry 8820. This cellphone has a 64 MB built-in memory with additional online photo storage. If this is not yet enough, you can expand the memory capacity through additional external memory. You can use the MicroSD Card Format. The operating system for this device is the BlackBerry OS with Intel 312MHz XScale Processor. Java is the application platform.

It is compatible with WiFi 802.11 for up to 24 mbps of data download speed. The BlackBerry 8820 is internationally compatible, with AT&T as the compatible carrier. This device also supports voice plans and BlackBerry plans as well as hands-free and serial port profile.

BlackBerry 8820 accessories

Upon purchase, you’ll also find these additional items inside the box of the BlackBerry 8820 phone:

-quick start guide

-battery and wall charger

-ear bud


-CD-Rom software

-USB cable

The BlackBerry comes with a v2.0 with headset, though stereo headsets for MP3 playback are sold separately.