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Please note that we present these plans for informational purposes only. Pricing plans change frequently and vary by geographic location. You should verify rate plans with the carrier, preferably in writing, prior to switching your service. No warranty is expressed or implied.

While we strive for accuracy, we assume no liability for errors or omissions. These cellphone plans are for intrastate calls made from a cell residential phone in the United States. If you are interested in cellphone rate plans calling check our our Domestic cell Rate Comparison.

If you are interested in international calling check our International cell Rate Comparison list. When away from home, check out our Calling Card Rate Comparison for impartial comparisons of all the major cards.

Selecting the Right Rate Plan

Firstly when choosing a rate plan, make sure you have a good idea on what you're looking for to suit your needs. Why do you actually require a cell phone? How important are your needs and what cell features are necessary to ensure they are met? The more you ask questions, you will be able to distinguish what exactly you want and choose a suitable rate plan. Do you travel often? Where do you live? How long is your average conversation? What period of the day do you talk the most? Do you need to use the internet frequently?

By ignoring the questions, you may find yourself immediately hooked into a service plan that had an attractive offer but is not suitable for your personal requirements. You could end up in a situation where you are paying more than you should or simply stuck with a deal that is not fulfilling for your specific lifestyle.

You must devote time to comparing cell phone rates and deals before being obliged to a carrier and plan. Some people choose to have plans that offer off-peak packages as that is the period where they converse the most. Others choose to have a discount on internet usage as it's an aspect used frequently in their cell phone. Others have loved ones who live overseas and seek discounted fees for making long distance calls. Or if you're the type who travels all around the country for days at a time, you will need a national rate plan that offers no roaming, free in-network minutes as well as a large allocation of prime time minutes. And if you don't even use your phone much, your cell phone needs will be minimal.

Plans are varied with combinations of choices from unlimited calls on the weekends, free thirty minute overseas calls during the week to free calls to others on the same service provider permanently. Basic plans are based on a set number of minutes for a fixed monthly fee. Remember to read the fine print and be aware or surcharges and tax. Several factors can affect the cost including wireless internet, in-network calls, roaming and long distance. Lastly don't feel obligated to be influenced by the latest technology and deals. You will probably end up with features you don't even need. Simply choose a rate plan based on your lifestyle and budget.

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Besides taking a look at the plans below, we suggest you look at our tips for long distance savings when you get a chance. You'd be surprised how many ways you can save on cell phone rate plans! Also when you are done looking at these plans, please return to our main page. Please note that many carriers are now adding new fees in the form of connectivity charges and taxes. Different companies have added different fees. This is not a standardized charge. We have updated the monthly fee column to include charges above the standard taxes for most companies. Please let us know if you learn of any additional monthly charges. Thanks!

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