Explanation of Cell Terms

Like carriers and plans, cell phones come in a variety of forms. It can be confusing trying to understand the standard cell, let only the optional features, so the following information gives you basic knowledge on cell phones and the terms associated with it. Back in the days, certain cell phone features such as a camera use to be the exception rather than the norm. Nowadays it's strange to see a phone without it! It's important to understand and evaluate your cell phone, your carrier and your rate plan as it is your money.

Cell phone features

Companies have put in a lot of thought regarding cell phone features and consider every day lifestyle matters to create innovative ideas. Driving is a norm for the majority of people and some cars offer Bluetooth connectivity so that whilst driving, you can take calls through the built in speaker system. Bluetooth allows you to connect a wireless headset to your phone. Voice dialing is similar in the sense that you merely need to say a person's name into your phone and it will automatically dial the person's number after searching through the address book.

All standard phones have text messaging. Instead of sending instant messages via a computer, you are able to do that through cell phones. Multimedia messaging allows you to send pictures, video and audio attachments through text.

Customized and polyphonic ring tones are very common. You can even assign specific ring tones to each person in your address book, making the caller easily identifiable with the incoming call. You can buy ring tones online or through your service provider at a certain price.

Camera phones are becoming more popular as you can upload them onto the computer and send it through multimedia messages. When purchasing a cell phone, think about that quality of photos you want and how many photos you would like to store. The phones with the clearest images must be three or more megapixels.

In this modern era, cell phones are being designed with an importance on entertainment. These specialized phones feature music, videos, movies, games, pictures and so forth to keep the consumers happy. You can download games via the internet into your phone at a price. Cell phones are the ultimate package and boast a range of multiple tools in one device.

Basic cell phone definitions

Access Charge: A fixed monthly fee for having a functioning, wireless phone that usually includes airtime.

Carrier: Provides the wireless service to the subscriber.

Coverage Map: Either the area where the carrier provides services or a supplied plan that outlines the borders of a particular rate.

Overage Rate: When buying additional airtime, there is a per minute rate.

Off-Peak: It is the period when there is a low demand of communication, usually refers to weekends and late nights.

Peak Time: The period when there is a great demand of communication.

Weekend package: A package that offers unlimited minutes during off-peak periods and increases revenue for the carrier due to the large amount of persons taking up this deal.

Long-distance calling: Making phone calls outside your local area.

Nationwide Plan: Combining roaming, airtime minutes and long distance into a plan.

Roaming: Allows you to use your phone outside your local area, including overseas.

Rate plan: The conditions of a subscriber's relationship with the service provider.

Wireline: A phone that's connected to an outline by a wire -a landline, house phone, etc.

Open phone design: Usually block shape and offers no keypad or display screen protection

Flip phone design: Phones that fold over and protect display and keypad, with some offering external display.

Slider phone design: Protects keypad and slides out when necessary

Rotating phone design: Phone that swivels and is good for taking photos